Tailgate Parties


Fall has so many sporting events such as football and baseball, both college or professional, that make for an ideal reason to have a tailgating party. ┬áIf you have a competitive streak then you can show off your tailgating preparations from elaborate settings with tables, chairs, carpets and grills – all the comforts of home and great food.

The next time you plan to tailgate, here are some tips for you to remember:

  • Select food that can either be cooked ahead and easily transported to the event, or cooked at the location on a grill.
  • Get a handy portable grill.
  • Check with the stadium first to make sure alcoholic beverages are allowed. Make sure to bring bottle openers and corkscrews. Bring plenty of drinking water.
  • Bring a large, heavy cloth to spread out the food. If possible bring a table to go under the cloth.
  • Pack disposable plates and cups, utensils and napkins in your favorite team’s colors.
  • Make clean up easy by bringing trash bags, storage containers for leftover food, paper towels and wet wipes. Safely dispose of any hot coals from your grill and don’t leave a hot grill unattended if you’re heading in to the event.

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