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The Art of Gift Wrapping

A beautifully wrapped gift always makes the present inside feel extra special. Whether wrapping a large gift or several party favors, seek out interesting containers, unique shaped boxes, bags, bold fabrics and pretty wrapping paper. Embellish with ribbons, tags, flowers or stickers. Make the gift more personal with custom made labels, printed ribbons, stamps and even photos.  Get creative, even fancy with specialty scissors and hole punchers that make unique shapes and edges. Mix and match patterns and colors or carry out a motif such as a navy blue and white combination to express a nautical themed wedding or shower.

Carolyne Roehm designer and author has a passion for gift wrapping.  Bold colorGet inspiration from her beautiful collection of decorative wrapping papers, ribbons and decorative tie-ons.

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  1. Unfortunately not so many people are having time to customize its own wrapping papers. We can sell custom designed wrapping papers only at whole sales price.

    Wish that more and more people become creative.

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