milestone birthday ideas

Milestone Birthday Ideas to Get Guests Talking

When planning a milestone birthday, incorporate these clever ideas to keep the focus on the celebrant and open conversation for the guests.

Recently, a friend celebrated a milestone birthday at the W Hotel.  It was a Sunday brunch and her cousin’s wife planned a wonderful party.  While the event was held at a public setting, the special touches in planning made the party feel very intimate.

The table had bright and bold colored mini roses.  Rolled napkins with the guest’s name was set at each place setting. The menu card served two purposes.  It gave the guests a look at what was being served and on the back it was printed with a collage of photos of my friend from childhood to present.  This menu card was an ideal icebreaker for guests to start a conversation centered around my friend.

Midway through the brunch, a trivia game was introduced.  It had 12 questions that quizzed the guests on interesting facts about my friend.  It was an activity that engaged a lot of stories and was very entertaining. The questions referenced her favorite singing group, wine preference, time of birth, boyfriend trivia, birthplace and places she traveled to. Points were given to each correct answer and a prize was presented to the person with the most points as well as the least number of points.

Opening gifts can sometimes, be a long process.  However, to keep guests amused, the first gift was a fun surprise.  The day of my friend’s birthday brunch was also the weekend that Prince William and Princess Catherine were in town.  For humor and again to keep the guests talking, a gift was presented that was a tribute to the royal visit.  My friend’s clever party planning cousin wrapped a box of British Twinings Tea and with a few Photoshop tricks created a note signed by the royals.



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