Eco-friendly Wedding Favor

Tips for an Eco-friendly Wedding

Guiding You Toward a Greener Wedding

Being green isn’t just the latest trend, it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re an advocate for the environment or just enjoy being out in nature, you understand that caring for the earth is essential.

More and more couples are taking the environment into consideration as they plan their wedding. Here are some tips, advice and information that will help you achieve a green wedding of your very own.

Let’s start with the invitation…

Many invitation providers are starting to call out the recycled paper invitations within their collections. There are even brands devoted to nature-inspired and recycled wedding invitations such as Naturally Ever After.

Look for these terms during your search for eco-friendly wedding invitations:

Post-Consumer Fibers – Products made with post-consumer fibers are made with paper that has been recovered after being used as a consumer item, and is more desirable than just “recycled.” Recycled can often mean the item is made from virgin paper, meaning it has never seen consumer hands.

Enviro/Tech Ink – Enviro/Tech inks contain a significant percentage of renewable resources (a variety of vegetable oils).

Green Seal Certified – This signifies a product that contains at least 30% post-consumer fibers.

FSC Certified – FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This organization certifies businesses for practicing responsible management of natural resources.

PCF – PCF stands for paper that is Processed Chlorine Free.


Five Green Wedding Ideas

1. Reuse ceremony flowers as reception decoration — centerpieces for your tables or accents throughout the reception hall.

2. Use fresh fruits as centerpieces and they can double as favors. For example, use bowls of apples for a fall wedding. Then create table tents printed with “The apple of my eye is all mine!”

3. Set up a compost system at the reception and label each container with what items should be disposed of in each container.

4. Use potted plants for decoration, then either keep the plants or give them away at the end of the night.

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5. Make a donation to your favorite charity in lieu of favors but remember to have a few recycled paper donation cards printed for each table to list the charity(ies). Or, have guests make donations to your favorite charity in lieu of gifts.


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  1. Well, these are nice ideas. Especially appreciate the recycling idea. I love what you’re trying to do here! I hope we are all working to save the planet. Thanks!

    //Beth @ the Chicago Wedding Bands

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