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Face Painting – 10 Great Tips

Kids love to have their face painted and this makes an ideal activity for a kids birthday party.  There are many party services that specialize in face painting and certain themes from butterflies, cats, fairies, super heros to scary ghosts and witches.  If you are creative and like to draw then you can dabble in the art of face painting.  Whether you choose to hire someone or do it yourself, here are some practical tips to know.

Tip #1:  Paint Quality

If  you are going to do the face painting, use professional face paint or stage makeup.  The results will look fantastic and the application will be easier.  Always take care of your paints and store them according to the directions.  If hiring a face painting artist be sure that the artist uses FDA compliant and authentic paint for skin.

Tip #2 Extras

Some face painters also offer glitter, temporary tattoos and airbrush services to add a special touch to their work.  Ask if there are additional cost for these services.

Tip #3: Keep Neat

Have bobby pins and hair clips to hold the hair away from the face. Provide an apron to protect clothes from any accidental spills or excess glitter.

Tip #4: Water and Clean Up

Whether you are doing the face painting or hired a professional, always use fresh, clean water to rinse brushes.  Have paper towels and unscented baby wipes for easy clean up and touch up. Use anti-bacterial gel to clean up hands after painting each child.

Tip#5 Pattern Idea Book

Have a book with sample photos of design ideas for kids to select. When hiring ask to see samples of their work to make sure the artist has diverse portfolio or can accommodate a paint designs that go along with a party theme.

Tip #6  Mirrors and Photos

Have several child safe mirrors handy so that they can see the finished work. If the professional artist you hire wants to take pictures for their portfolio, be sure to get parents permission.

Tip#7 References

When selecting a professional, ask for references and website or portfolio.

Tip #8 Time and  Kid Count

Ask how many kids the painter can paint in an hour. Plan ample time to make sure the face painter can paint all the kids in the party within the party time frame.  Allow 7-10 minutes per child depending on the complexity of the design.

Tip #9 Composure and Psychology

Kids can be a bit enthusiastic and temperamental. Schedule the face painting activity at the beginning of the party. Face painting is a great ice-breaker. When interviewing, ask how the face painter handles boisterous kids and dominating parents. You want the artist who can handle all types of situations with poise.

Tip #10 Insurance and Contract

Before signing be sure that the face painter has insurance and that there is a contract for the agreement of work and expectations.



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    Your website is wonderful with great visuals, images and design work. I also like that you give a lot of step-by-step directions in your blog posts. That is so helpful to those of us who are craft and cooking challenged! Keep up the great blogging!

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