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A Guide to Easter Flowers Symbols & Meanings

Flowers are a fitting symbol for the Easter season as their petals and sprouting buds represent the fertility, new life and rebirth symbols associated with the customs and traditions of Christianity and the ancient world spring festivals. Choosing colorful and fragrant Easter flowers is a wonderful way to display the abundance and renewal of the spring season and the meaning of Easter.


If you are away from your family this holiday or will be going to an Easter party show your loved ones or host you care and give a wonderful arrangement of Spring Flowers.  To create an arrangement that expresses your sentiments here is a guide to the meanings and symbols behind some popular Easter flowers.

Azaleas – Bright and colorful, azaleas evoke fragility, temperance and passion

Daffodils – Quintessential meaning for rebirth and new beginnings

Daises – Represents purity and gentleness.

Easter Lilies – An ancient symbol for Resurrection, this flower is a popular and appropriate floral choice for an Easter celebration

Tulips – A simple elegant bloom that embodies love and passion


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