Sushi Party Wrappers

Sushi Party Wrappers

I attended the Natural Products Expo this past weekend in Anaheim and discovered a few cool products.  One that really caught my attention was colorful soy wrappers to make sushi. The company, Yamamotoyama offers 6 colorful wrappers to create imaginative sushi wraps, appetizers and even desserts. What is more appealing is that the soy wrappers have no preservatives, no artificial colors, zero trans fat, no cholesterol and some products are gluten free. The colors come from natural ingredients such as turmeric, spinach, carmine and paprika.

Get inventive and grab your guests attention with these sushi party soy wrappers.

Turkey and Avocado Club Cone


1/2 each Spinach Green Sushi Party Soy Wrapper

4 oz mayonnaise

2 oz sun dried tomatoes finely diced

1 oz turkey meat, sliced thin

1 oz avocado, slide lengthwise

1/2 each cooked bacon cut in pieces

1/2 oz julienned cucumber

1/2 oz alfalfa sprouts

1 pinch salt and pepper

For Mayonnaise – Combine sun dried tomatoes and mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper


  • Cut spinach Green Sushi Party Wrapper in half lengthwise to form a 7″ x 4″ rectangle
  • Roll cut wrapper into a cone by bringing the bottom corner to the top center and rolling until the cone shape is achieved
  • Fill the cone with turkey meat, avocado, bacon, cucumber and sprouts
  • Garnish with mayonnaise


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