Star Wars Cupcake Kit from Williams-Sonoma

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Cupcake Kit from Williams-Sonoma

Got a son who is a Star Wars Fan?  Make his birthday a galactic event.  Check out these wonderful kits and gifts to help make you look like a Jedi Master Party Planner.  May the force be with you…


“Galactic Empire(TM) Cupcake Decorating Kit.” Colorful cupcake toppers in four styles are modeled after Darth Vader(TM), Boba Fett(TM) and two Imperial Stormtroopers(TM). Coordinating Darth Vader(TM) and Imperial Stormtrooper(TM) paper liners are made of grease-proof paper with eco-friendly soy ink. $12

For the young birthday Padawan, give this cute gift of miniature cookies in the shapes of legendary galactic characters. $22

Hold a Star Wars Cookie Decorating Activity. Have your birthday guests play the role of  young Padawan bakers. They will have fun creating a fleet of cookies to re-enact their favorite galactic battles. Equipped with a spring-loaded stamp, the cutters are as swift and precise as lightsabers – and a lot easier to work with. $19.95

Transform your Jedi’s favorite sandwiches into high-energy fuel for lunches, snacks and parties with Millennium Falcon(TM) and Darth Vader’s TIE fighter(TM) sandwich cutters.  Perfect as a gift and to make a platter of Star Wars PB&J sandwiches  to serve at a Star Wars theme party. $19.95

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  1. Catherine Lockey on said:

    Great idea! A Star Wars birthday party would even be perfect for me – seriously. Great picture of the cupcakes too.

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