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Invitations set the tone for a celebration and give the guests all the information about the party. Announcing and inviting your guests can be done in a variety of ways such as email, a quick phone call or a beautifully printed card.

Choosing the right invite

To determine the best way to invite guests, consider the kind of party you are throwing and choose an invitation that has a similar feel (color and/or theme) and level of formality to your party.

What is appropriate

  • For a very casual occasion with a small group of friends or family a simple phone is fine
  • Last minute gatherings with a large group, invite with an email
  • Save the date, send out emails or small postcards
  • Formal and organized events deserve a printed invitation that is sent out 3 – 4 weeks in advance

When, Where & What

Aside from making a first impression, the role of the invitation is to give the guest all the facts about the party. No matter which method you choose to invite your guest, the most important part of the invitation is to create excitement, set the tone and give important information so the guest will know what to expect. Don’t forget to include special instructions for attire, parking, directions etc…

Reason and Expectations - Be specific. Let the guest know the occasion whether it is a milestone birthday, wedding, anniversary or baby shower. Indicate if the affair is a sit down dinner or cocktail party with passed hors d’oeuvres.

Date and Time: In most cases, a starting time is sufficient, however if you need the guests to leave by a certain time then include the concluding time.

Location: Include the full address, phone number, contact name and directions

RSVP: Give a contact name, phone number or email so guests can let you know if they will or will not attend.  Set a date to make the RSVP so you have time to plan and get a final guest count.

Extra Info: Inform your guests if the party will be a surprise party, costume encouraged or required, formal attire or anything that is important and relevant to the party.





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