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How to take great pictures at a kids party

At my son’s preschool one of the moms is a professional photographer and she has captured some amazing photos of our kids at school.  What I like about her style are the candid shots and close up angles that are engaging, expressive and detailed. I asked her for some advice on taking pictures of kid’s parties.  She was happy to share some clever tips.

Please visit her website www.lisafranchot.com

1) Designate a photographer. There is nothing worse than not having had the time to take photos or having been too busy to pick up the camera. Give someone specific the job of taking photos, that way you are guaranteed to get photos and you are able to relax and enjoy the party.

2) Know the schedule of events. Make sure you and the person you designate as photographer knows when the events are happening so no one is running to grab a camera or missing any priceless moments.

3) Get the details! All the cute stuff: Balloons, Cake, Happy Birthday Sign and any fun birthday cards written by kids


4) Let the kids warm up to the party. Sometimes taking a little time before you start shooting so everyone is already busy having fun and not acting so shy is a good idea. I usually get to parties early so I get all the details and then I stand back a bit to see who looks comfortable and I start shooting with that person or group.

5) Get your kids perspective. Get down low to take some photos so you are seeing the party from the child’s perspective. My favorite is to be on the same level with the kids for the cake so I see what they see.

6) Get wide and tight! My favorite shots are the close up shots. I like to get my camera in there so I really get great expressions and sometimes concentration on the kids faces. I always mix a little wide angle in there so I can see the party as a whole and get more of the action going on.

7) Shoot candid photos. It is always nice to have those photos no one knew you were taking. Even when I get my camera in up close on the action, no one knows just what I am shooting. I love getting lots of candid photos, that is where the magic is.

8) Shoot lots of photos. I take several photos of people so I get all those little expressions in between.  Peoples faces change as you take several photos and kids are very good at doing what ever it is they are doing and letting you just shoot away till you have the whole moment.

9) Take before, during and after. An example is… take pictures of the cake before the candles are blown out, with the candles lit, during the blowing out of the candles, that first special slice of cake for the birthday girl/boy, and a photo of them eating the cake. Before, during and after works with pinatas, face painting all kinds of craft and kids activities at parties.

10) Don’t forget the adults. Kids are so cute and we love to photograph them doing cute things but don’t forget to include the grandparents and parents who are there. They will love being part of the photos and will really enjoy those photos later.

Don’t forget to print and create a photo album. There are so many easy options  available to create a special scrapbook.  Or make one on Shutterfly.com.  They have an easy process. If you have a great photo tip please share it.

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