Amuse-Bouche Spoons

Amuse-Bouche Small Bites For Your Party

Amuse-Bouche def: \a-‘myuz bush\ [Fr. amuse the mouth] 1: a small bite before the meal begins . 2: greeting of the Chef de cuisine. 3. a small complimentary appetizer offered at some restaurants.

When entertaining, impress your guests and surprise them with a delicious small bite before serving your meal. Make an elegant statement with Stainless Steel Amuse-bouche Spoons from Sur La Table.

Grilled scallops with thyme butter, red chilli & parmesan

6 – 10 scallops (dependent on size)

3 tbsp butter with fleur de sel (soft)

fresh red chilli to taste (finely diced)

1 heaped tbsp fresh thyme leaves

2 tbsp crumbled parmesan

Finely chopped butter lettuce leaves

Clean the scallops. Place in an oven-proof dish.

Pre-heat the grill.

Mix the chilli and thyme in with the butter, then divide between scallops, placing half a teaspoon full of butter on top of each scallop.

Place under the grill for 6 – 10 minutes, until starting to brown on top, but still soft and still slightly transluscent in the very centre.

Arrange a petite bed of finely chopped butter lettuce leaves on an amuse bouche spoon or Chinese soup spoon. Then place a grilled scallop and drizzle some of the melted butter and sprinkle with crumbled parmesan. Serve immediately!

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