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Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

As part of  my  New Year’s resolutions I am making 2011 the year to focus on being more eco-conscious. That includes planning kids birthday parties and other celebrations with eco-friendly ideas and decorations. Reflecting on some of the parties I have attended and planned, it is amazing to learn how many toxins and wastes are created by such celebrations from the invitations, supplies, gift wrapping to goodie bags.   The good news is there are many opportunities to incorporate creative ideas and items that will make a big difference.  Here are few tips that might help stir up some ideas for your next kid-friendly, eco-friendly & importantly fun-friendly event from start to finish.

Invitations: Go virtual. Use an online company like evite or pingg.   Make your own! Use recycled items such as wrapping paper, your child’s artwork or magazines. Use recycled paper invitations.

Gifts: Choose toxic free. Find unique items made from recycled materials.

Wrapping Paper: Re-use. Use paper and boxes from prior gifts.

Utensils: Your flatware is fine when you are entertaining at home, or borrow some from a friend or neighbor if you don’t have enough. Go with  biodegradable and compostable.

Linens: Use cloth napkins and tablecloths. Your guests will appreciate the touch elegance.

Goodie Bags or Party Favors: Kids love getting them. What is not so great is most contain a tremendous amount of plastic and toxins that end up going to the trash. A better party favor is to give one nice item and package it in fabric or decorated paper bags.

Food: Include in your menu some organic foods from local providers or farmers.

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