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10 After Holiday Party Clean Up Tips


With the holidays behind us, here are a few tips to help keep things organized and make the process faster and more pleasant.

1. Use clear plastic storage containers. You can see the contents without having to spend time labeling each box. Plastic helps protect from moisture better than cardboard.

2. Place ornaments in a box filled with shredded newspaper — then you won’t need to wrap the ornaments separately.

3. Don’t remove the hooks from the ornaments. This will save you time and trouble.

4. Pack the beads in small boxes such as plastic shoeboxes. To keep the beads from becoming tangled, place individual strands in baggies. If you prefer, wrap each strand around empty paper towel rolls and tape the ends.

5. Christmas lights can easily become tangled so individual strands of lights should be bagged separately or wrapped around paper towel rolls or something similar and placed in plastic grocery bags or large freezer bags. Don’t forget to pack the extension cords so you have them handy next year.

6.  Store your wreath by first tying it to a hanger. Then place a hole in the top of a drawstring garbage bag. Pull the hanger through the hole and slip the bag over the wreath, pulling the string closed at the bottom. Hang the wreath on a nail in attic.

7.  Store left over gift-wrap by first tightly wrapping it around the roll. Secure it with a rubber band.

8.  Add bags filled with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves to boxes containing holiday towels and linens. Poke pinholes in the bags to allow the scent to escape, and tightly seal the box.

9. Use leftover holiday paper to either wrap or label boxed holiday items. It’ll stand out in the attic or basement so you can locate it among other cartons next year.

10. Recycle and reuse holiday cards by cutting them up and using them as bookmarks or as ornaments for next year. Or turn them unto useful gift tags. Just cut out a scene or image from the front of the card, punch out a hole, string a ribbon throught it and tie it into a loop.

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