Party Color Palettes

Purple, Orange, Green… Creative color mixes from subtle to bright will set the tone and stage for your party. Dramatic effects, whimsical touches or simple elegance can be achieved by experimenting with unexpected color combinations.  Choose one main color and then have two or three accenting colors to design your perfect party palette.  Let your composition of hues be the theme and framework for invitations, tableware, decor and party favors.  For color inspirations go outside and look at nature (flowers, birds or beach scene), cut out swatches from a fabric store or find cues from wrapping paper or fine stationery.

Check out a great designer resource, to see an array of possibilities. also has a cool tool called the color studio where you spin a wheel and can see a palette based on your criteria such as favorite color, contrasting colors and natural undertones. Finally look at the many floral websites to find color combinations.

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